the art    of sound   experience 


Brand identity for (WOM) world of mcintosh


The art of sound experience 


 Introducing World of McIntosh (WOM),  parent  for all McIntosh Group brands

and a hidden world that thrives at the intersection of world-class audio, art, and design.

   To repositioned Fine Sounds Group as World of Mcintosh, parent brand and home of high-end, handmade, audio equipment brands, we created The Art of Sound Experience, a concept that embraces the products' beautiful craft, powerful performance, and exclusivity.


The logo and brand identity were inspired by sounds waves. The logomark is used as a pattern that simulates sound waves and ties the concepts of sound and movement together. 


We created beautiful visuals that reflect the brand's voice and captured inanimate objects affected by sound, to portray  WOM’s powerful sound, creativity, and beauty. The results depicted here are bold, colorful, curious, and unexpected. 



Through artistic visuals, we communicate the brand's imaginative, conceptual journey, that come to life on the website. 





Client: World Of McIntosh

On-set Director: Shomi Patwary

Creative Director Cuevawolf, 

Paz Molina

Branding: Cuevawolf

Production: pomp&clout

Photography: Floto+Warner






The logo and logomark is an ambigram made out of the letters "W" "O" "M" that stands for World of McIntosh. Its design is inspired by sound waves and contemporary art. 



the award-winning website illustrates the experiential journey the brand offers and invitesthe viewer to visit its new york headquarters to live the art of sound experience. 

When an object is struck with sounds that are potent, there's no denying the impact.


To show the WOM's products powerful impact, we brought to life inanimate objects with its sound,  creating the art out of sound experience.


Brand Video

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