2012, digital photography

Two sides, One soul


Two portraits reated around the concept of a dual personality, this autobiographical piece features two distinct portraits of the artist that are inspired by the symbolic Gemini twins.


Each set against a glorifying backlight, one portrait channels the artist’s inner angel and rational side while the other portrait captures an irreverent emotional side. A multifaceted exploration of the self, and the artist’s mystical journey, these opposing images create balance together and portray the force of mind united with the spirit.

In collaboration with photographer Alejo Arango.

 based on 

the Dioscuri,

Two mortals;

The force 

of the mind

united with 

the spirit. 



Castor and Pollux, the most notable asterism in the constellation of Gemini. Two great stars which bear the names of the Twins. Bound together by each other's arms but ruled by its rational mind. 


Gemini embodies the principles of the joining of the Twin souls for greater creativity. The force of mind united with spirit and carried into a physical manifestation by the mechanical use of the hands and the wise application the word. Gemini is the zodiac’s most skilled communicator. They're considered to hold mysteriously unique artistic and creative abilities, unlike any other signs. 


Gemini reaches perfection when his mortal nature (ego and desire) is joined with and transmuted to his immortal nature (the spirit individual). Thus Gemini’s greatest strength is in the uniting of its energies and talents, and not in their constant separation.


One of the most identifiable physical traits of all true Geminians is their eyes. Two beams of light which express a rather electrical quality. *


*alan oken's complete astrology book

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