call me Cueva.


I'm a  creative &   artist  from mexico.



Hey, I'm Cueva aka Cuevawolf. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. My work explores themes like feminism, social science, the divine, and self-identity. Through storytelling, I share my mystical journey that responds to the most urgent questions of the human being: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What’s my life’s purpose? I infuse my soul on projects that demystify my personal and social identity. Within my practice, I use video, photography, graphic design, collage, and writing as tools to investigate emotion, language, and self-awareness. I create content and campaigns for/with brands and create my own art too. My approach offers an escape to a world that exists between reality and fantasy. Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, global perspective, and passion for innovation.


I create soulful bodies of work that uncover cultural magic and beauty. I lead many projects from ideation to creation, I work side by side with production teams and supervise post-production. I'm all about collaborating. I've worked in Mexico, Miami, Hamburg, Sao Paulo and mostly in New York. My global experience, multi-cultured sensibilities, and empathetic approach bring a uniquely fresh perspective to every project I work on. Emboldened by life, I believe that it is my duty to use my creativity as a means to engage, inspire and educate others.


I earned a BA in Art Direction from Miami Ad School and a BFA from Parsons, The New School in New York.


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