mexican outdoor festival full of experiences, life, and color — rebrand.   







[dream, FLY, AND get inspired]


Cielo Mágico ( Magic Sky ) is a weekend, sustainable outdoor festival, in Mexico, with a broad range of activities throughout the day and night. These include hot air balloon rides, camping under the stars, music concerts, light shows, outdoor yoga, rock climbing, biking, flying chairs, arts and crafts, food trucks, and more. The brand needed a brand refresh with a contemporary voice, to connect with today's younger generation. I rebranded their identity creating a look and feel that portrayed the brands' essence whilst expressing its many unique experiences. I created symbols and vectorized icons to holistically communicate its broad range of activities and through color, I was able to express the brands' friendly, young, fun, and inspirational voice.  Because the venue is surrounded by mountains, I used natural elements as hero visuals to emphasize the brand's sustainable approach and mantra. To bring everything together, I used animation to bring the brand life and reflect its dynamism.

Brand: Cielo Mágico Festival

Creative Director: Cuevawolf

Graphic Designer: Cuevawolf

Web: cielomagico.mx 



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